Coat Trim

Having your dog freshly groomed is always nice! The cleanliness it provides for your household is always a plus. It also keeps your dogs coat, skin, and immune system healthy. It always provides safety for traction when they are running! Talk to one of our grooming experts today.


Removing all the debris and dirt from your dog’s coat is always a great idea! We use top-quality non-invasive shampoos that leave your dog looking clean and fresh with a silky smooth coat. Our dog depend on us to keep them clean and healthy, and we are happy to help!

Fluff & Brush

Brushing time! After we pre-brush, trim, and bath we want to ensure your dogs coat is looking glamorous. We take pride in making your dog look presentable, fashionable, and clean. Routine brushing is always recommended but the daily hassles of life sometimes get in the way.

Nail Trim

Keeping your dogs nails trimmed allows for them to safety maneuver throughout the day. It helps prevent and infections, torn nails, or injury. Your dog will actually have better traction with properly trimmed nails on each of their paws. Dremeling or cutting is available.

“My dog looks amazing! My husband and I just got back from our vacation and our dog is so happy and clean!”

“Wow, thank you Sanmann! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the excellent care our dog received over the past three days!”

“You won’t find a better kennel. Our Golden, Otto, was so happy to see us but we could tell he had so much fun on his mini vacation!”

Grooming Essentials

Full Bath & Groom

Our full bath and groom starts with the essential brushing to remove any excess fur. We want to ensure that the bathing process goes smoothly to allow for your dog to look pristine. We take pride in our bathing and grooming that includes a coat trim, bath, fluff & brush, and nail trim.

Nail & Paw Treatment

If you are seeking a more simplified treatment to keep your dogs healthy and clean, our paw trimming and nail treatment is sure to impress. We have the right tools to make sure your dog is happily being groomed. Our experts have the knowledge to assist!

Fluff & Brush

Our most essential package is one that includes the fluff and brush. With this we will use natural applications to keep your dogs coat looking healthy and clean. Removing excess fur is essential to making sure your pup is happily well cared for. Our experts are always happy to discuss further!


What if my dog doesn’t like having his nails trimmed?

No worries. We will never force any dog to do anything they are not comfortable with. We are here to service your dog in a kind manner.

What if my dog is scared of getting a bath?

If we find that your dog does not take kindly to the bathing services, that is not a problem. We are always happy to do a simple brush to clean them up.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

We use all natural products that are safe for your dog. We treat them like family and with the utmost care and responsibility.

How do I know if my dog needs to be brushed?

Most dog breeds should actually be routinely brushed daily. If you notice shedding at any time, it is likely that your dog can be brushed.

What kind of trimming do you do?

When we trim Golden Retriver coats we follow our traditional methods of cleanliness and styling. We can always discuss this with you further.

What if my dog is scared of the dremel?

In this case, we can always use traditional nail clippers. We will always discuss these options with you beforehand.

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